Happy Sabbath (international)

Apr 13, 2018Thoughts

We are a little late reflecting on International Sabbath, but this year we thought about trying something new. Each year we celebrate the many different cultures that make up our church family on the last Sabbath in February. Everybody that desires wears their native garments, everyone shares in a diverse lunch, and it becomes an exciting reminder that God is a God of many colors. After all, we are His children!

This year, we wanted to leverage the different languages that are spoken in our church and put them together in a way that commemorated International Sabbath. The video above is the result of volunteers who shared how they say Happy Sabbath in their own languages.

We aim to share more videos in the future that are an extension of our church family here in East Lansing, MI, as well as our global church family. While we are not perfect, by God’s grace as we provide more and more of these you’ll see our videos grow along with the people on both sides of the camera.

As always, we invite you to dialogue with us, and we are grateful to continue serving you.

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