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We’re Thankful for..


We’re Thankful for..

Nov 23, 2017Thoughts

Being Here

It’s been a crazy year, with so many ups and downs (okay okay that is basically every year). However, we know that life will only get crazier until Jesus comes, so we enjoy this freedom we have now and are grateful to be closer to Jesus’ second coming.

Unlock Revelation

We had two of these this year! Our first series at the end of March with Pastor Louis Torres kicked off the year with a short series, that continued with another series at the end of September with our pastor Jermaine Gayle. Both series saw increased engagement from the community and served as a refresher for the rest of us!

New Friends

Thank God for baptisms! We’ve welcomed several new people into our family and we are very grateful. Heaven’s the party to be at right now!

New Pastor

A few months ago we welcomed Pastor Park and his wife to our church family. We are excited for their ministry in our church family in the coming months/years.

Facebook LIVE

By God’s grace we were able to scale our LIVE stream operation to include Facebook this year. Now you can catch us on the social network as well as YouTube at any time in any place. We’re still ironing out some kinks but we’re thankful for the opportunity to utilize both platforms!


Our next door neighbors continue to grow and while it is sad to say goodbye to the old crew we are excited for the new crew that comes in every fall. They bring a new sense of energy and being around young people makes the rest of us feel young (until maybe 9:00 or 10:00 right?)

Blaze Pizza (Location)

Yes, if you have visited our church you wonder how an Adventist church can be where it is. So close to the university! So close to the mission field. That is pretty exciting. While our space is small, we are grateful for working with the East Lansing Parking and Code Enforcement authority and their work in keeping our neighborhood roads clear (so you can find us). We are thankful that we can use the parking garage that’s only a block away (and hard to miss!). And we’re grateful (okay the author is grateful) that Blaze Pizza opened up 2 blocks away from our church (so if you are with us during the week, you have a yummy place to eat!).


Saving the best for last, our presence as individuals and as a church family would not be possible if not for the saving grace of Jesus. He is the reason we exist. He is the reason we endure. He is the reason we have hope. He is the ultimate reason why we are thankful this year, and every year (and every week, and every day, and every hour, etc).

We cannot wait to see what next year has in store!


Happy Thanksgiving from our East Lansing family to our extended family 🙂



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