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Why we invite, not just inform


Why we invite, not just inform

Mar 2, 2017Invite

Awkward situations

Imagine you are with a group of friends. Some mention a party they are throwing on the weekend. They tell you all about it, from the time it starts, to the food they will have, and even who will attend. Everything sounds exciting, and you cannot wait to go. However, something does not seem right. Will one of your friends invite you? In some groups it may be implied that you will go, others you may wait until something official to avoid an awkward encounter.

Suppose the situation is slightly different. Your friends go out of your way to mention a party that you know you would not attend. The party group consists of a circle of people that you do not feel comfortable in. Even though the gathering sounds exciting, you pick up on the subtle cues that you should not be there.

In each of these situations there is no invite. The occasion sounds exciting, but where is the value if there is no invite? In the second situation, why discuss a really cool party around people that will never receive an invitation? Why would you be around someone that talks about great things that others are attending but you aren’t? Furthermore, why would you talk about great events around people you have not considered inviting? Seems odd no?

Many Christians approach their faith in this way. A great event will soon happen (Jesus comes again), with many reasons to celebrate (no more death, dying, etc) and the invitation is open for everyone (Revelation 3:20, John 3:16). WE HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS TO SHARE! News that has potential to change lives.

The importance of invitations

However, we often become comfortable listening to the good news in our cushioned pews within a decent building. If we do talk about our faith, we share it in an FYI manner instead of a this will change your life please seriously consider this manner.

On our blog we have discussed everything from the war between good and evil to leading a healthy diet. We do not share this information to tickle your ears, but to reveal how God has provided a way out! We do not want to be responsible keepers of the truth, we want to be loving heralds of the truth. 

We invite because we care. We care about lives. We care about salvation for all. We care because Jesus cared. He cared so much He made Himself the invite through a sacrifice. Preaching sermons with an inward focus, writing blogs, coming up with funny catchphrases, and identifying quick comebacks without extending invitations will not make the party bigger. We cannot just talk about Jesus’ love, we must share it. We must invite others to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and how His death really does affect each and every one of our lives.

This is why we do not want to just talk about it. We want to invite you to share in the experience we have gone through.



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