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When you’ve got nothing to give


When you’ve got nothing to give

Feb 1, 2017Stewardship

We’ve heard it before. “Everybody has something to give.” Yet, the more you think about it, the harder it becomes to determine what you can give. Money may be short, you may deem yourself unskilled. However rich or poor, smart or less smart, everyone can give of their time.

The Bible tells the story of a mini-retreat Jesus took to a friend’s home in Bethany (Luke 10:38-42). Martha invited Jesus to spend some time with them. While there, Martha took initiative to make sure the house was tidy and the logistics were taken care of. Mary chose to spend time with Jesus. Getting anxious about Mary’s lack of help, she asks Jesus to talk some sense into her. However, Jesus scolds Martha and notes that Mary’s giving of her time was the wise choice.

We do not imply that Mary lacked talent and/or money. This story reveals something any of us can give: time. As some of us get older, we learn to appreciate time even more than when we were younger. Priorities shift from materials to relationships. Experiences take greater focus over accumulation of goods. We learn that money is something we can earn back (depending on circumstances), but time, once lost, is lost forever. This realization makes time even more valuable.

We give of our time, well, all the time. Our gift of time goes for work, food, friends, social media, apps, education, etc. Recipients of our time acknowledge (whether animate or inanimate) that they are important to us. In the case of Mary, she chose to give some of her time to Jesus. She chose to sit at His feet for the duration of His visit. She gave her time to Jesus.

Like Mary, we too can give of our time to Jesus. We may not literally sit at His feet today, but we can give Him our time when we communicate with Him through prayer and reading His love letters. The end of Matthew 25 reveals that we can give our time to Jesus when we help others. Whatever is done for the least among us is equivalent to doing it for Him.

In summary, do not feel discouraged because there are many out there who have more skills than you, or have more money than you. Everyone has time. You can give of your time through prayer and meditation. Or by reading the Word. You can also give of your time through service. In addition to allocating more time to these areas, you may also consider the opposite: reducing allocation of your time to other areas. Think of all the time you spend on activities that harm more than hurt you in the long term. Can you benefit by reducing your time in certain areas?

When you have nothing left to give, remember, you have time. The Savior is waiting to enter your heart. Why don’t you let Him come in. Jesus stands at the door and knocks (Revelation 3:20). He wants to come in. Will you spend time with Him?



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