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When Being Alone Becomes Necessary


When Being Alone Becomes Necessary

Jan 15, 2017Spiritual Growth

If you desire to become a leader, articles inundate your feed explaining habits of highly famous leaders. Sensationalist titles include Learn the one secret that helps many entrepreneurs succeed or To be successful, develop these three habits. Reading enough of them leads to a particular pattern most leaders share: the importance of solitude. Leaders abide by this principle, overprotecting it when necessary.

Articles about solitude or being alone explaining its importance reveal why leaders take this seriously. Solitude offers a reset that refraining from work alone does not accomplish. Solitude allows your mind to crystalize ideas, improve focus, and concentrate. Bill Gates, known for his “think weeks” as well as his fortune, took off twice a year to become disconnected from the world. Patterns like these appear across the leadership spectrum.

Some go as far as practicing yoga, attempting to empty their mind of all the noise (we have reservations on the spiritual aspects of yoga, but for another time. Check out our series here for more info). Considering the connected nature of our world, taking time off to regroup and focus becomes necessary. Most leaders agree that solitude leads to success in their roles.

Jesus – ahead of the curve

Jesus did not have an iPhone or smartwatch that overwhelmed him with notifications every minute. But multitudes surrounded him almost every day. He spent Sabbaths helping many people. He was often accused of always hanging out with too many people. Luke 5:16 reveals that “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” We find that sometimes Jesus disappeared all night and met with the disciples in the morning.

Solitude equated with copious amounts of praying and connecting with the Father. Jesus knew His mission, but to succeed He needed to maintain contact with Heaven’s arsenal. Communication with Heaven does not always require solitude, but it can deepen the conversation since you have fewer distractions.

Connecting the dots

Last week we discussed the importance of prayer, today we emphasize how you can take it to a deeper level. In a world where millions are spent trying to grab our attention, it becomes more important to withdraw and retreat. To ensure that you continue to grow spiritually, taking a retreat can help boost your growth and re-center your focus. Why? Because Jesus needed it. Because successful leaders today need it (to retreat). And because you need it.

Thank God we have an example through Jesus about how we can lead successful lives through His grace. 🙂



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