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The King of the North: Part II


The King of the North: Part II

Aug 12, 2016Unsealing Daniel

Daniel 11 is about the kings of the north and south. By the time this post is over, we should have a better understanding of all the action going on in this chapter.

The chapter begins with the Persian realm (chest of silver (Dan. 2), bear with three ribs (Dan. 7), ram with two horns (Dan. 8). The mighty king that stands up afterwards represents the Greek empire, made famous by the great king Alexander the Great. Daniel 11:4 says that the kingdom will be divided into the four winds of heaven (leopard with four heads – Dan. 7) – representing the division of the Greek empire to Alexander’s four generals. This was not a peaceful transition, as the kings of the north and south (kingdoms in the Grecian empire) were at great war with each other.

Verses 16-30 give us some details about the Roman empire (remember Rome follows Greece in the order of the empires?). Verse 20 references a great tax collector – which refers to Caesar Augustus, a great taxer of the people. Verse 22 refers to the Roman Empire’s crucifixion of Jesus under pressure by the Jewish nation. Verse 28 references the endeavors by the Roman empire to destroy the covenant between God and His people through persecution and distorting doctrines.

The papal Roman power which follows the pagan Roman empire (remember when the Pope was given authority in the final days of the Roman empire?) ends up being the persecuting power reminiscent of the little horn in Daniel 8. The power will take away the daily sacrifice (Daniel 8:11, Daniel 11:31), place the abomination of desolation (Daniel 8:13, Daniel 11:31) – referring to the replacement of Christ’s ministry in the heavenly sanctuary by bringing it to earth (think forgiveness of sins, atonement of intercession done by man in place of God, etc. ). Furthermore, the power will speak against the God of gods and make himself above all gods (Daniel 8:25, Daniel 11:36).

As the chapter progresses, we see the kings of the north/south come back towards the end of the chapter, indicating that these kings are not limited to the time frame of the Greek empire. Verses 40-45 are still in the future, so we are not sure what forms they will take in the end of time. However, we know that these forces will wield great power.

The king of the north will enter the glorious land (reference to Palestine) and Egypt, Libya, and the Cushites will not escape. However, reports from the east and north will trouble him and he will seek to annihilate many. But his power will not last, and he will eventually meet his end.

We are not sure how these events will materialize in the last times (at a specific level). But remember the encouragement from Daniel 10: God is in control. God will give us the strength to make it through these end times. He is busy fighting behind the scenes to stop the devil from altering history. The very next verse following the last one in Daniel 11 reveals that at this time Michael (Jesus) will stand up for His people. This vision is framed within the appearances of heavenly power.

In other words, we need not fear.





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