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Welcome to Lansing, MI

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Lansing is the state capital of Michigan. Located between Grand Rapids and Detroit, you’ll find plenty to do in town, and you won’t have to drive too far to enjoy additional experiences. Next to Lansing is East Lansing, the home of Michigan State University. With about 45,000 students, you will find the area young and lively, with many activities to do and places to eat. We’re 2 hours away from Lake Michigan, about 2 hours away from Windsor, Ontario, CA, and not too far away from farmland. We’re outside the lake effect snow area, so you won’t see as much snow here as you would along Lake Michigan, but it’s still enough to go sledding and build snowmen. Below we list a number of things you can do in this area.

Lansing River Trail

If you are looking for things to do outside, the river trail is the coolest place to be in Lansing. Spanning about 10 miles north and south, additional mileage is found on the many offshoots from the river trail. You can safely bike or run through MSU, or take off down to Holt, or go up north to Old Town for the day. With only 2 road crossings on the south side (very little traffic), the river trail is a safe and fun way to get some fresh air and see the beauty of God’s nature.

See the Trail

Lansing Metro Area

Listed below is a layout of the Lansing area. Wherever you decide to go, each area offers something worth checking out.

Old Town

Full of culture and history, Old town lies north of Lansing and serves as the northern end point of the River Trail.


North of Lansing (and Old Town), Dewitt provides the small town, suburban feel

West Lansing

West Lansing is home to a number of chain restaurants, affordable housing, and the Lansing mall. Most stores are found on Saginaw Hwy.


Lansing (downtown) contains the state Capitol, many state offices, a number of the museums listed above, and unique restaurants.

East Lansing

Home to Michigan State University, the town offers a young vibe with many food offerings.


Similar to Dewitt, a small suburban town east of East Lansing that’s home to the large Lake Lansing Park.


South of Haslett, the family friendly town offers close shopping with the Meridian Mall.

Proximity to other Areas

We are located in the middle of some awesome areas that you can easily take a day trip to.

Lake Michigan

About 2 hours away from us if you need a quick beach getaway.

Grand Rapids

Depending on where you live, Grand Rapids is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours away.


About 90 minutes away if you want to delve into the auto industry’s stomping grounds.


Our northern neighbors are nearby if you want to go through Windsor (~100 minutes away) or Port Huron (2 hours away)

Grand Rapids Airport

About an hour away off of I-96.

Capital City Airport

Our own airport, located in West Lansing.

Flint Airport

Approximately 45 to 60 minutes away.

Detroit Airport

The largest airport nearest to Lansing, approximately 90 minutes away.

Find out more!

Lansing is a great place to settle down. We encourage you to check out the official city website by clicking on the link below. Don’t forget to visit us when you get here!