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This Sabbath is a particularly High Sabbath for our UCHURCH family as we take a moment and reflect on how awesome our God is – particularly through the lens of diversity and unity. As a church situated mere blocks from Michigan State University, our family consists of students and staff that comprise numerous cultures from around the world. We are fortunate to have the world literally “at our fingertips,” and that those cultures can converge into one large family that is a small reflection of what we will get to experience in Heaven.

A significant amount of excitement and energy drives various efforts behind the scenes to put together a high Sabbath that acknowledges our diverse cultures and backgrounds, while reflecting on the fact that it is through God’s grace that we can all be together in one family – as God intended.

Because this Sabbath is a particularly special Sabbath with many activities happening throughout the day, we have put together this email that tells you everything you need to know about the day and how you can be involved. Please feel free to invite your friends to come join us for a day filled with praise, worship, food, and cultural collisions.

Pastor Jermaine Gayle


Is there anything I need to bring?
Feel free to bring two identical dishes to share (one for each line during lunch) reflecting a cuisine that you really love. We desire that everyone in attendance tastes cuisines from around the world.

We also encourage you to wear traditional clothing from another culture for our Parade of Nations. Don’t worry – you won’t be the only one!

How can I help?
If you would like to be involved in the afternoon music program, please contact Zo using the information below. Additional assistance such as cleanup is welcomed. More importantly, we want YOU to be there, and we welcome anyone you want to invite.

What kind of food will be there?
We plan to have vegetarian/vegan foods reflecting various cuisines and backgrounds from around the world. Please feel free to introduce us to a dish that is memorable to you.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Our International Sabbath Coordinator – Zodwa Mcunu at or (517) 420-8442


7:00pm – Friday Night Vespers
Meet us in the Sanctuary on Friday night at 7pm for our vespers service as we get the weekend started.

9:30am – General Sabbath School
Meet us in the Sanctuary at 9:30 as we kick off the day with singing and worship and a focus on mission!

10:15am – Sabbath School Panel Discussion
In lieu of Sabbath School classes, adults are invited to attend the panel discussion that will occur in the Sanctuary.

11:30am – Worship Service
Our Worship Service will have a special emphasis on various cultures reflected in our church family, including a Parade of Nations

1:00pm – International Potluck
Potluck will begin immediately following the worship service. We will have 2 lines downstairs in the fellowship hall, and we will have seating throughout the building. We ask that if you plan to bring a dish to bring:
2 identical dishes (1 for each line)
Serving Spoon(s) for your dishes

3:30pm – Afternoon Music Program
Sabbath is not over once lunch is finished. We will have an afternoon music program featuring various musicians that will share music and songs from around the world. If you are interested in participating, please contact Zo using the contact information above no later than tomorrow (Thursday, September 28) evening.

5:00pm – Vespers
As we head into the closing hours of this High Sabbath, we will have a vespers service following the music program in the Sanctuary.

6:00pm – Light Supper/Slideshow
We do not want to send anyone away hungry, so before we conclude International Sabbath, we will serve a light supper in the fellowship hall downstairs. We will also play a slideshow that showcases pictures from previous International Sabbaths as we reflect on 20 years of celebrations!


Gem Castor

In addition to serving as an ambassador and prayer coordinator for ASAP Ministries, Gem is as an itinerant missionary whose passion is to share Christ everywhere, anywhere, in every way possible. He has led united prayer in General Conference session, as well as for Divisions, Unions and Conferences of the Seventh-day Adventist Church during their annual and constituency meetings. He also coordinates the prayer sessions at ASI, GYC and various youth conferences in Asia. Inspired by the life of George Mueller he has participated in multiple mission trips internationally and locally, depending entirely on the Lord’s providence. His vibrant friendliness reflects the all-encompassing love of Christ towards His children.