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Conflict Through the Centuries


Conflict Through the Centuries

May 14, 2016Unsealing Daniel

We spent considerable time covering the dream in Daniel 2 and its meaning in this post. So, we will not rehash that but we can look at the story leading up to the dream.

Nebuchadnezzar had a dream but immediately forgot it upon awakening. He knew it was important, so he demanded the impossible. He ordered his wise men, magicians, astrologers, sorcerers, and others to tell him the dream and its interpretation. Even worse, he threatened to cut them in pieces (literally) and make their houses a “dunghill.” Even though Daniel and his friends were not summoned, they shared the same fate if no one could deliver on the king’s orders.

When Daniel heard about this, he took another big gamble and went in to the king asking for some time. He did not say how he would get the information. Nebuchadnezzar agreed and gave him time.

Daniel did the first and only thing he knew to do in times of trouble. He went straight to God. Friends, in difficult times, the first thing you should always do is turn to God.

Daniel makes this known to the king’s guard, and then the king himself. It is the God in heaven that reveals secrets, he reveals what will happen in the end of time. He changes times and seasons. He sets up and removes kings. He gives wisdom and knowledge to those who ask. Before diving into the dream, Daniel makes known to this Babylonian king, who probably never had a direct encounter with God before, that a Supreme Being is now communicating with him. This dream is no joke. There was a reason why Nebuchadnezzar was stirred up. There was a reason why he felt this one dream was very important. Daniel’s introduction involves giving credit where credit is due.

As we have already covered the dream and its interpretation in a previous post, at the end of the explanation Nebuchadnezzar acknowledges that God is the God of gods. He is the revealer of secrets. Despite not worshipping him, Nebuchadnezzar was given a golden opportunity to commune with God through Daniel. He was exposed to the God of the Hebrews, whose territory he had just conquered. And while God’s hand was in his victory over that nation, this dream served as a reminder that God is ultimately powerful as His kingdom will be set up and never be taken down.

What this dream told Nebuchadnezzar back then, and now tells us today, is that God is in control of earthly events. It may seem like God is not listening, or He is far away, But ultimately, God is in control, no matter what earthly nation is in power.

More than a dream now, eh?



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