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Our Day in Bible Prophecy


Our Day in Bible Prophecy

Mar 29, 2016Unlock Revelation

The first night of our Unlock Revelation meetings focused on today and where it fits in the Biblical timeline. Where exactly are we in Earth’s history, are we at the beginning, or nearing the end?

We looked at the importance of signs and how they help us brace for what is next. From the weather forecast to historical trends, the more we know, the better we are able to prepare. Signs are only beneficial to us if we act on them.

The disciples were curious as to the destruction of the temple and the signs that would point to Jesus’ coming. Jesus answered both of their questions with one answer. He revealed the signs that would be a precursor to when he would come. You can read about them in Matthew 24.

Some may argue, “These events listed in Matthew 24 have always happened through recorded history, what makes today any different than before?”

This is a valid point. Earthquakes, famines, wars, etc have all happened throughout history. However, the Bible illustrates the signs of the end in two ways:

Birth: Jesus compares the signs of the end to giving birth. Contractions at the beginning of labor are few and far between. However, as labor progresses, the intensity and frequency of those contractions increase. As we get closer to Jesus’ coming, the signs he gave us would increase in intensity and frequency (as evidenced by modern events).

Nature: Like a fig tree (or any plant for that matter), when the leaves appear and the tree appears to come to life, you know that summer is near. Even so, the signs Jesus gave us reveal how soon the next event will occur. The Bible may not give a specific date of when Jesus will come, but the signs indicate how close we are.

These signs may sound morbid and frightening, but Luke 21:28 tells us that we should be excited that these signs are occurring more frequently because it means Jesus is coming soon. That means we are closer to an utopia where there is no disease, hatred, marginalization, grief, agony, and other items that make this world a frustrating place to live.

One summer, Billy’s father told him that he was going on a business trip for a couple of months. Not understanding the concept of time, Billy gave his father a puzzled look. Thinking of a way to explain his absence to his very young son, the father looked outside.

“Billy, do you see those trees outside? I’ll be back when those leaves turn red, and yellow, and brown. I’ll be back when you see those colors and some of those leaves falling to the ground.”

The next morning Billy woke up, but couldn’t find his father. He looked outside, and saw green leaves but none on the front lawn. Every day he kept looking until autumn came. When the leaves starting changing colors, and falling to the ground, Billy’s excitement grew at the thought of seeing his father very soon.

Like Billy, the signs Jesus gave us signal the time frame when He will return. Many things will happen between now and then. But we should not ignore the signs. History is littered with stories of signs ignored (tsunamis hitting when the waves recede, icebergs in the Atlantic bringing down an “unsinkable” ship, etc). Unlock Revelation will help you be aware of what these signs are, but more importantly, what they signify.

Jesus did not want to leave you hanging, which is why He shared this information with you. What will you do with this information?

Plan to join us next time as we discuss the role of prophecy and how it reveals the Bible’s credibility!

And, as always, if you have any questions, please click here.



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