Part I – Origin of Evil

The Bible tells us that war began in heaven. Seems impossible to imagine the the perfect peace of heaven could be a place of war. Who were the sides is the war and what were the issue at stake? We discuss these issues in this sermon.

Part II – Behind the Curtain

The book of Job encapsulates the question of the ages in regards to human suffering. There are countless individuals that ask, “How could a God of love allow suffering?” Join us as we study this issue in light of the Great Controversy.

Part III – The Lamb and the Law

Many claim that Christ’s death on the cross did away with the moral law. On the contrary, the Bible teaches that Christ’s death on the cross proves that God’s law is unchangeable. Join us for this study as we explore the relationship between the Lamb and the Law.

Part IV – May 30, 2015

The 144,000 are described in the book of Revelation as being those who are able to stand when Jesus comes. Who are the 144,000? And what are their characteristics? We discuss these questions and more in the conclusion of this series.

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