In this series Pastor Silva will examine how the Child born in Bethlehem was just as important in the plan of salvation as the Man crucified on the cross. We will look at the Plan of the Incarnation, His birth and His kingship as a Child. Through these messages, our hope is that our desire and passion for His Second Coming will grow.

The Child Is Planned - December 12, 2015

Even though God the Son had walked on Earth before it wasn’t until the Incarnation (in human flesh) that the Child could fulfill God’s Plan of Salvation. Discover how Jesus being born as a human child was the heart of Gods plan of salvation.

The Child Is Born - December 19, 2015

For centuries and millennium the scriptures had foretold in what manner the Child would be born. In this message discover a multitude of prophecies that where fulfilled in the life of Jesus. The question arises, are we as blind to the signs of His Second Coming as many where to the signs of His first Advent.

The Child Is King - December 26, 2015

Discover the real reason that Jesus was put to death and the reason that many are still rejecting Him today. He claims a high position and kingdom in the most difficult territory to conquer, your heart.

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