The Child Is

December 2015

In this series Pastor Silva will examine how the Child born in Bethlehem was just as important in the plan of salvation as the Man crucified on the cross. We will look at the Plan of the Incarnation, His birth and His kingship as a Child. Through these messages, our hope is that our desire and passion for His Second Coming will grow.

The Great Controversy


July – August 2015

Over 2,000 years have passed since Paul wrote his letter to the church in Philippi. Yet, this letter has inspired and encouraged millions through the years with Paul’s example of hope and courage. We focus on the positive and practical messages that remain relevant today.

The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy

April – May 2015

There are certain quintessential questions that every person at one point in their life asks. Why would a God of love allow evil and suffering? How did evil begin? Why does it continue? This series dives into these complex issues and paints a bigger picture of the world we live in.

Let the Words of My Mouth

March 2015

On children’s playgrounds that old adage is repeated a thousand times, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. We know it’s not true. All of us have been wounded by words. How are Christians to speak? Fortunately, the Bible is not silent on the matter.

Consider My Meditation

February 2015

The thought life of a Christian is the subject of this new series. What should the thoughts of a Christian be like and how does it affect your character? The Bible talks about meditation. However, biblical meditation differs from eastern forms of meditation. The Bible tells us what biblical meditation looks like and its impact on your ultimate destiny.

The Healer

January 2015

Jesus spent over half of His earthly ministry in healing the physical diseases of countless individuals. The healing power of Jesus would make people whole and would leave an indelible impression on their lives forever. Pastor Shin will be looking at three of those healing miracles, and you will see God’s love for humanity and how faith unlocks His power.

The Cross and the Sanctuary

October – November 2014

In this series, we will be looking into the meaning of the cross in the context of the sanctuary. The theme of the sanctuary extends from Genesis to Revelation and in it can be found the answers to the following questions: What happened at the cross? Why are we here 2,000 years after the cross? What is Jesus doing now?

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