Part I – Slow to Speak

Christians should be known as great listeners. James tells us that we should be slow to speak. How can we be good listeners? How can we show the love of God by our silence? The first part in this series explores practical ways to share God’s live – sometimes without saying anything!

Part II – Slander

James 5:9 tells us not to complain to one another. How quick are we to slander fellow believers? Are we quick to slander? Or are we quick to forgive? The Bible is crystal clear on how we should treat our fellow brethren, particularly in areas of speech. In part 2 of our series, we will look at how God wants the words of our mouth used towards fellow believers.

Part III – Bits, Rudders, & Fires

The tongue, while being a small part of the body, is a very powerful tool or weapon. While words can greatly affect other people, the Bible tells us that words affect the speaker the most. How? Listen and understand.

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