Groups in the Family

For our last post regarding family life for May's theme, we wanted to spend some time talking about the different parts in a typical family and what it may look like in a church family. Too often in a familial structure we try to protect ourselves from external...

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When family fails you

In The Godfather series, Fredo Corleone (Michael Corloene's older brother) was passed over by his father (Vito Corleone) to inherit and run the family "business." Going through the series the audience learns that he has some issues (aka womanizing) which appears to...

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Baptized into one family

Sniff sniff. :') Today our church family had the opportunity to send one of our own into the marriage sunset. Errrr sunrise. Weddings are great times to discuss the bringing together of two separate entities into one family. In today's case, we saw the union of...

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Family of God

Since this month is all about family, our blogs will focus on the unique yet awesome relationship we as Christians can have with our Savior. The best place to find that in the Bible? 1 John 3. John, the apostle that survived the longest after Jesus' ascension, writes...

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The First Great Disappointment

In Luke 24 we read the story that this day, Resurrection day, symbolizes. It is the story of how everyone discovered that Jesus had indeed risen. If you recall the story everyone felt down because Jesus died. He was supposed to be their Savior! He was supposed to...

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The Trade Invitation

Recently in the news you may have heard about concerns regarding trade. From the now defunct Trans Pacific Partnership to existing ones like NAFTA, concern across the board centers around the fairness of such trade deals. Is there really a trade? What do we get in...

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The Come and See Invitation

When things seem too good to be true, skepticism runs high. Think about the new facility that opened. Your friends rave about it, to the point they become voluntary evangelists. But can you be sure? Should you scope the place out before agreeing with your friends? Can...

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The Personal Experience Invitation

We like to think of ourselves as thorough beings. Faced with the decision to purchase something new, or advance in an unknown direction, we like to think that we will thoroughly research our options to determine the best choice. With the internet at our fingertips, a...

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Why we invite, not just inform

Awkward situations Imagine you are with a group of friends. Some mention a party they are throwing on the weekend. They tell you all about it, from the time it starts, to the food they will have, and even who will attend. Everything sounds exciting, and you cannot...

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