Happy Sabbath (international)

We are a little late reflecting on International Sabbath, but this year we thought about trying something new. Each year we celebrate the many different cultures that make up our church family on the last Sabbath in February. Everybody that desires wears their native...

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We’re Thankful for..

Being Here It's been a crazy year, with so many ups and downs (okay okay that is basically every year). However, we know that life will only get crazier until Jesus comes, so we enjoy this freedom we have now and are grateful to be closer to Jesus' second coming....

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Jesus of the Calling

Years passed since that magical day when the Messiah came in to the world. Although the Bible makes very little mention of Jesus' childhood (what was a five year old thinking regarding the kingdom of Heaven and His mission?), we see some insight regarding what Jesus...

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Jesus of the Birth

We are definitely getting ahead of ourselves by talking about Jesus' birth. That is a story often reserved for the holiday season. However, with this month's theme being Jesus, we thought we'd take our blog series from beginning to now to discuss the awesomeness of...

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Christian Joy can build thick skin

How does joy in Jesus build thick skin? Sure, cutting down wood can build calluses on your hands to make thick skin. Constant exposure to the elements can also toughen your skin as well. But joy? Turns out, changing the mindset to reflect a more positive tone can...

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When prayer moves God’s heart to mercy

We have talked about the prayers of the humbled (publican) and the prayers of criminals (thief). Oftentimes, when we hear about prayer, we immediately think about personal prayer. However, the Bible does contain examples of prayers at the national level. Prayer...

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The prayer of a thief

Not many look up to a thief, save for maybe aspiring thieves. They are responsible for the heartbreak of many a family, lacking remorse in their senseless yet intentional stealing. Some may reform through calculated methods, while for others it cements this new...

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God Be Merciful To Me, a Sinner

Special occasions are often special for the event they celebrate. If you grew up in a religious context, perhaps you have noticed that prayers seem to sound differently around such events. For example, does the prayer before Thanksgiving or Christmas include much more...

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