Share your blessings

Share your blessings

Yet another week has rocked the United States, and trying to avoid the news has been to no avail. Shootings continue to rock the airwaves, people believe that not doing anything wrong is no longer a guarantee to live, and the punishments do not fit the crime (crime...
Harvesting Hard Work

Harvesting Hard Work

Gardening is a fun hobby…at times. We have been gardening for three years, and we have noticed three phases of gardening throughout the year that we would like to share with you. Yes, the phases are glib in nature, but hey they make sense 😉 The Beginning The...

Craving iPhones

On Wednesday, the most valuable company in the world unveiled the next iteration of their smartphone lineup. If you have been hiding under a rock or having a life outside of an electronic screen (congratulations to you!) we will catch you up. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus...

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