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Linking current events with Biblical wisdom

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We’re Thankful for..

Being Here It's been a crazy year, with so many ups and downs (okay okay that is basically every year). However, we know that life will only get crazier until Jesus comes, so we enjoy this freedom we have now and are grateful to be closer to Jesus' second coming....

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Jesus of the Calling

Years passed since that magical day when the Messiah came in to the world. Although the Bible makes very little mention of Jesus' childhood (what was a five year old thinking regarding the kingdom of Heaven and His mission?), we see some insight regarding what Jesus...

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Jesus of the Birth

We are definitely getting ahead of ourselves by talking about Jesus' birth. That is a story often reserved for the holiday season. However, with this month's theme being Jesus, we thought we'd take our blog series from beginning to now to discuss the awesomeness of...

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